About the Club

2005 was the club's 30th year - whilst the faces may have changed over the years, as have some of the breed standards, the "raison d'etre" of the Club still remains the same. From this page you can find out who the club's current committee and officers are and also learn a little about the club's history.

The Humberside Cat Club was formed in 1975, when a small group of cat-loving friends, frustrated by the lack of cat-showing opportunities and cat-chat activity anywhere east of Leeds, decided to go out and create those missed opportunities for themselves.

The county of Humberside being newly unveiled, it was decided to create a new cat-club in its name and therefore to strive to involve those breeders and exhibitors from both banks of the river. (See Newspaper Article 1976 - "New Club formed for North Humberside cat fanciers" - 160kb file)

The club's first inaugural meeting was held on 17th September 1975 at the house of one of the founder members. The Chairman was Mrs Doris Wilson (our Club President), the Treasurer Mrs Sylvia Anderton and Honorary Secretary Mrs Anne Ford.

A little bit of history

In 1976 the Club held it's first Exemption show, which took place in a tent at the Hull Show.

In 1977 the Countess of Harewood became the club's Patron.

By 1979, the Club had gained affiliation with the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF) and held is first annual championship show in 1983.

2009 - The Club celebrates it's 25th Silver Anniversary Championship Show.

2010 - The Humberside Cat Club and the Lincolnshire Cat club join forces to share show date and show venue. The first pairing of two 'All Breeds' clubs holding two Championship Shows back to back.

2014 - The Humberside Cat Club celebrates its 30th Anniversary Championship Show.