Our Breeders Page

We are pleased to offer fully paid up members of the Humberside Cat Club the facility to advertise their breed on our breeder page, free of charge.


  • Name of Prefix Holder : Lizz Benson
  • Breeds : British Shorthair
  • Telephone : 01377 217743
  • Email : mail@limatz.plus.com
  • Website : http://www.limatz.co.uk
  • More Information : Breeders of Black Silver Classic Tabby, Black Silver Spotted, Black Smoke and Blues & Blue Spotted British Shorthairs
  • Added 22 Sept 2013


  • Name of Prefix Holder : Wendy Berry
  • Breeds : British Shorthair
  • Telephone : 01482 635792
  • Email : mawbritz@gmail.com
  • Website : http://www.mawbritz.yolasite.com
  • More Information : Breeders of British Shorthair Colourpointed in self, tortie, tabby and Colourpointed & White
  • Added 20 April 2014

    Buying a Kitten

    Before setting out to buy a kitten, we recommend that you do your homework and do plenty of reading, so you know what to expect, how to select your new kitten and what to do when you get it home. Here are some links that we suggest you could start with :

    Last updated 20 April 2014

    If you are thinking about rescuing a cat, here are some links to local rescue centres in the Hull and surrounding areas :

    Last updated 22 Sept 2013