Championship All-breeds Show

Every year the club holds an annual All-breeds Championship Show, which also includes a section for our beloved household pets. A Championship show is the ultimate status of show which may be held by a GCCF affiliated cat club and is where cats can gain GCCF Certificates / Titles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1:   I'm entering both shows and I need a double pen. Do I have to pay the extra fee twice?

Answer: No, if you require a double pen, you only need to pay one additional fee of £15.00

Question 2:   If I'm entering both shows via a postal entry and sending one cheque/postal order, who do I make it payable to?

Answer: Please make all cheques/postal orders payable to 'HCC & LCC Cat Club Show Account'.

Question 3:   I'm not showing a cat at your show, so can I still visit?

Answer: Of course you can! The show hall will be open to the public in the afternoon and the stalls will be accessible all day.

Question 4:   If I'm just visiting, what will it cost to visit the show?

Answer: To enter the show hall the entry fees are : £3 adults, £1.50 for children under 16.

Question 5:   I have a household pet cat, can I bring it along and enter it on show day?

Answer: Unfortunately No. In order to show your cat (household pet or pedigree) in competition you must have sent in the appropriate paperwork before the official closing date.

Question 6:   I've never shown before, can I buy a show kit on show day?

Answer: Yes, don't worry! You will need a white blanket, a white litter tray, a white water bowl and white litter for your cat and your show pen - these can all be purchased on show day.

Question 7:   I've never shown before, will there be someone to help me on show day and explain what I need to do?

Answer: Yes, don't panic! Let us know beforehand and we will arrange to have someone on show day help answer some of your questions and show you the ropes.

Question 8:   What's the parking like at the Newark Showground?

Answer: There's ample parking at the showground and it's free!

Question 9:   How many admission passes will be issued with my entry?

Answer: One admission pass will be issued per exhibitor, regardless of whether you have entered one show or both shows. The reduced entry fee for the second show reflects this. If an exhibit is registered in the names of two owners then two entry tickets will be provided.


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