Homes Wanted

We currently do not have any cats needing new homes.

This little girl was found in the Avenues area of Hull in 2014. It was thought that she had recently had kittens when she was found.

Lost puss

Submitted by : Penny Akehurst, Welfare Officer, 3rd June 2014

Welfare Stories

'Sally' and 'Tabby Cat' : A couple of cats who received welfare assistance from the club. Read all about Sally and Tabby cat.

Submitted by : Pat Dale and Amanda Goreham

The 'Hedgehog' Cat : Rufus, one of our rescue strays gets into another scrape. Read all about Rufus' story here....

Written by : Judy Walsh

2001 Welfare Work : 2001 was a busy year! Read all about the welfare work that Humberside Cat Club helped to fund.

Written by : Judy Walsh, 2001


Welfare Officer :

Each affiliated cat club has an officer who deals with welfare matters. All clubs will offer advice and try to help if a pedigree cat needs rescuing or rehoming. Unfortunately the Humberside Cat Club do not retain facilities for looking after a cat whilst it awaits a new home.

Our welfare officer is :

Mrs Penny Akehurst - 01964 527609

GCCF Welfare :

GCCF Welfare Rescue Directory