Some of our other welfare stories


Sally was a feral cat rescued from Freightliner Road, Hull. Neutered by the Humberside Cat Club and rehomed at some stables. Now from being a rather angry and frightened cat she has become a loveable and friendly little girl who comes when called and likes a cuddle and fuss. She has a nice cosy home at the stables and is fed regularly twice a day, but this does not stop her from chasing chickens and rabbits just for fun. A far cry from her very sorry start. I'm sure she would like to thank Humberside Cat Club for all their efforts

Submitted by : Pat Dale

Tabby Cat

I would like to thank the members of Humberside Cat Club for helping the stray tabby cat that my next door neighbour looked after.

Tabby cat's story is rather sad but I think he did enjoy the life he led. I first noticed him in the close where I lived about 13 -14 years ago he was an adult when I first saw him, a big long haired cat that occasionally tangled with some of my bunch. He never came to me, and always slunk away if I saw him.

I never found out where he came from but when new people moved in about 11 years ago they fed him in their garden, and made enquiries to find out where he lived, he had not been thin and I am not sure if other people also feed him. The new owners tried to get him into the house, but it was very rare for him to go inside, so they had a box for him in the back garden, and eventually she could occasionally stroke him.

Then about 3 years ago the family had to move away, they worried about Tabby cat, as he would be difficult to catch and move to another location.

My neighbour agreed to feed him in her garden if he was left and that worked. I would come home from work to see Tabby Cat basking in the sun in my neighbours garden with her other garden cats not touching but in fairly close proximity and seemingly content.

A few months ago my neighbour spoke to me about Tabby cat having a rather nasty looking wound on his face and when I saw it I thought he must have been in a fight and had an abscess near his eye. Two weeks later it had not cleared up, so I asked Judy Walsh if I could borrow the cat club's trap would the club welfare fund help pay for treatment.

I was away in London when Tabby cat was eventually caught and Phil Walsh who was working in Beverley that week helped my neighbour get him to the vets. Phil said he looked a mess, and thought that he might lose the eye.

Unfortunately it was even worse than we all thought and poor Tabby cat had a tumour, which was too extensive to operate on involving the eye and nose with even more behind it. The kindest thing was to let him go.

I still miss him when I come home and my neighbour's garden seems empty without his big Tabby shape lying in the sun.

Submitted by : Amanda Goreham